My name is Jonny Rimek. I’ve been a software engineer for 3 years.

Currently I work at Healy GmbH and help grow and optimise their distribution platform. In my free time I build my own bootstraped business It’s a SaaS that helps World of Warcraft players analyze their log files in order to improve.

I care alot privacy and security in general. In order to improve my privacy I use Ubuntu as operating system, Signal as a messanger, ProtonMail for E-Mail, ProtonVPN as VPN, Firefox as a Webbrowser and DuckDuckGo as my primary searchengine. To secure my logins I use U2F with using the Nitrokey where possible.

other interests in random order:

  • golang
  • aws/severless
  • self improvement (from tech skills (vim<3)) to real life (working out))
  • mitigating climate change
  • human psychology
  • the brain
  • dogs
  • iceland


I’m not actively looking for a job right now, if you want to reach out anyway please check out some of my expectations for a new job. My E-Mail is